Monday, December 3, 2007

One Grateful Girl

Do you ever just take a step back and realize how truly wonderful your life is? I don't believe in luck, so it's really hard to describe. Last night as I was walking upstairs to go to bed I stopped and looked out over the living room. Our tree is in there, along with the fireplace and all the holiday decor. Sometimes I'm in awe that all of this is mine! At 25 years old (well, I was 24 when we moved in) I have everything I have ever wanted. You always picture how you want your life to be but never actually think it will end up as good, but mine really has. I have a truly wonderful husband that loves me more than anything. We own our own home, two vehicles, we are healthy and have a healthy baby boy. How much better can life be? I most definately do not take anything for granted, it can all disappear in the blink of an eye, but right now things are pretty much perfect!

Anyway, back to reality. Today was a great day! I think Ari has outgrown his play cage... for the last few days he's been increasingly cranky while in there only wanting out. We dismantled it today and wrapped it around some furniture. Now he has the entire front half of the family room to play. We push the giant ottoman in front of the TV so he can't play with the cable box and that opens up the floor for him to practice walking, which he is SO close to doing! It's nice to have our room back, that cage was HUGE!

Brian didn't come today, he said he would be here tomorrow and didn't really elaborate on why he changed his mind. It's OK with me, gives us one more lazy day at home. I think we're sleeping in tomorrow and spending most of the day in our PJ's. Matt doesn't get to do that very often so it will be a nice change of pace for him.

I finally had a bit of time to scrap! I did the circle layout for the Crop Addict weekly challenge and the other one just for fun. I love the photo of Ari on the parachute, he really has a blast at Gymboree! Speaking of scrapping, my two scrap buddies Jen and Amy have convinced me to go on a "scrap your stash" diet. The idea behind it is to do a certain number of layouts using only what you already have in your stash. You are forbidden from buying anything new until that number of layouts is complete. The only thing you are allowed to buy is cardstock and adhesive. It would be hard to do layouts without glue, huh. Anyway, Jen and Amy are doing 50 layouts... I don't think my stash is that big and I'm a slow scrapper so I'm going with 25. It's gonna be SO tough not to shop but I really need to use up what I already have. Wish me luck, and feel free to join me in my "scrap diet"!!!


Michon said...

Love your circle layout!
I can't believe you are going on the evil diet~ LOL
I could never do that! good luck with that~ ;)

MsGrace said...

I too feel blessed...isn't it nice when you take the time to notice it?
Love your circle LO.
Fun new blog header.
The diet is a great idea, but I don't think I have enough will power.

Lora said...

it is good to feel blessed, isn't it...

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family photo and i love how you cut out those WERMK flowers !!!! i have that pp and wouldnt have thought of that :) Very nice !

Anonymous said...

And i totally agree that we all need to stop at times and realize how blessed we really are . Thanks for sharing that with us :)

~KRISTY~ said...

i havnt visited for a while,so ive been catching up!love your 2 new lo's & your "family" photo is tooooo cute!love the scallop paper and the journaling.