Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How dumb can I be?

Dumb in a funny way, if that's possible. Ari and I met Michelle and Ella to ride the new light rail uptown to see the singing bears. We got SO lost! Well, more turned around... and around. We walked all over the place trying to figure out where we were supposed to go asking for directions once or twice. We finally get there only to find out that they aren't singing for another three hours! It was freezing cold but the babies were bundled pretty well and didn't make a peep the whole day! The light rail was really nice, someone had spilled something [I hope] and three worker guys hopped on and mopped it right up! It was a fun day, more exercise than I've had all year, but fun. We're going to do it again when it's a little warmer. Riding the light rail is MUCH easier than driving and we don't have to pay out the butt for parking once we get there.

Ari was AWESOME today. Yesterday, not so much. I wish those few teeth would just pop through and we could move on with things. He slept until 9 this morning, the latest I think he's ever slept, ever. It was SO nice, he was really happy this morning too, playing by himself until his nap at 10:30. He slept until almost 1 when we left for our outing. This week has really flown by which is surprising since Matt's not here and the days usually drag. I think we are all happy to get back to "normal" which hasn't been the case since before Thanksgiving. Tomorrow we have Gymboree at 10, lunch with Alice and Charlie at 11:30 at the mall and then we're meeting Matt for an early dinner around 4. He has a four hour layover and we miss him, even though he's coming home tomorrow night. He won't get to see Ari since we don't keep him up past his bedtime. We decided early on that we'd do our best to keep his routine the same no matter what our crazy schedules might be. It's worked out very nicely thus far.

Anyway, here are the pics from today. Ari and Ella were so cute thinking they needed to hold on to the handrail while the train was moving. Oh, and the non-singing bears... they were still neat to see even though they just stood there. Maybe we will attempt to go again before Christmas. I think it will depend on the weather.

These last two are proof that I've been productive this week. Do you ever feel like you're just going and going but don't have anything to show for it? I had to walk around with my camera in order to feel like I've actually accomplished something. I painted the kitchen and living room, as well as the rest of our cabinets. No photo of the cabinets yet because Matt still has to put the knobs on. Oh, and I made this super cute sequins tree. It's a little flashy, but fun and festive and it really adds some cheer to my otherwise cheerless kitchen. We're still bulking up on the holiday decorations, we have much more room here than any other place we've lived so decorations were sparse there for a while. I'm making two more trees so this one won't be lonely!

Enjoy your night! Oh, I almost forgot... be sure to check back tomorrow for some sneek peeks of an upcoming challenge over at Crop Addict! I'll be posting a tiny bit of my designs before you get a chance to see them anywhere else. You won't want to miss this one, it's one of my favorites!! See you tomorrow!!


Michon said...

Yikes! Teething! I remember those days! :(
Good Luck hon! ;)

Jana Eubank said...

Poor, Ari! I always felt so bad for my babes when they were hurting, but couldn't tell me exactly what they needed. That video of him taking his first steps is priceless, Morgan. Your paint and your house looks gorgeous, too! Merry Christmas, Girlie! I can't wait to see your challenge!

Jana Eubank said...
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