Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm really looking forward to today!

We are taking Ari to see Santa while we're at the mall today! I went to Old Navy yesterday and bought him a little "ho ho ho" onesie to wear so he would look festive! We're doing Christmas like three times this year too so he should get a lot of use out of it, plus it was on sale for $5!

Yesterday we went to Gymboree, it was a different class and I liked it much better than the class we were in. Michelle and Ella are in this class with us, it's nice to have a class with them again since Ari and Ella play so well together and are at the same developmental age. Ella is crawling like a champ now, and pulling up to stand too! She's so cute, you can see her HERE!

After Gymboree Brian and I went to South Blvd. to try to hunt down the gifts he wanted to get Ari. No such luck so we went to toys r us later in the evening. When we got home CPI (the security company) had returned our call so we called them back and were on the phone with them until almost 11 pm. That wasn't so fun but at least they are working on fixing the problems that occured the other night. Apparently, the girl that we talked to has been pulled off duty and sent back to training! Oh, and I want to mention that she wasn't just "listening in". When the alarm goes off it opens the two way communication to which she is supposed to ask if everything is alright, so she kinda had to listen, she just chose not to identify herself in a timely manner (or at all) which is where the problem lies. It's all getting resolved though, and they are sending someone out to the house to test our system to make sure this doesn't happen in a real crisis!

I'm gonna post again later today with pictures, I'm just really hungry right now (what's new, right) so am giong to get some breakfast!! Happy Day ;)


bruinbr said...

can't wait to see the Ari & Santa pics! hope you have fun!

Rachael said...

I hope Santa was fun!! Can't wait to see some pics!!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the Santa photos, i love how excited little kids get when they see Santa ! I have to go next week with the boys :) Not looking forward to the lines though .