Friday, December 7, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Well we got to see Santa!! Ari woke up from his nap, we called Michelle to let her know and were out the door, ON TIME!! Well, until Michelle called and said, "don't take Tyvola" (which was the road we were on, by the way). So, we detoured and got there just a few minutes late. Apparently, some lady drove 60 miles per hour straight into the wall of the parking garage and the whole corner collapsed, killing her and smashing two other cars. Horrible disaster, really.

Santa was alright, sort of unfriendly, I don't think he said two words to us the whole time we were there. He just spread his arms so I could set Ari down and looked straight ahead the whole time. He made no attempt to smile or even look at Ari. We got a photo though, not really worth $20 but what can you do? Here it is...

He almost cried but I stood pretty close so he could see me the whole time. Right after they snapped the picture he let loose so I scooped him up and he was fine. He did better than I thought, I was waiting for him to wail the minute I put him down. Ella did very well, not a whimper and she smiled super cute! Her dress was adorable, she looked like a little baby santa. There was a hat that went with it but Michelle thought Ella would hate her forever if she wore it! I thought it was cute!

We don't have any plans tomorrow, the alarm people are coming out to the house. Apparently there is a serious problem with our system, they are unable to establish contact in an emergency (um, hello... isn't that the point) so they have to troubleshoot and possible install a new system. WooHoo! They are being super nice about it, fitting us in asap since we're leaving town Sunday. If you live in Charlotte and need a security system I highly recommend CPI!! The customer service is probably the best we've received anywhere. I do need to run a few errands, I want Ari to have a super cute outfit for his birthday and need to order it if it's not in the store. I'm making a few little gifts for the fam too, so I'm gonna get crakin'! Oh, and wish my friend Virginia some luck, she may be going in to labor tonight!! Hugs girl, lotsa love!!


Nicole said...

I think it is hard to get a good Santa. The pic is still adorable!

Ella & Michelle said...

Ari looks so cute! I'm glad he didn't cry. Thank you for sending those pics! Have a safe trip if I don't talk to you before then. See you when you get back!

bruinbr said...

Ari looks adorable in his picture! Most kiddos i've seen end up crying! :)

Theresa Tyree said...

That's a great pic of Ari on Santa's knee. I'd take him to a different mall next year. Nothin' worse than a grouchy Santa, ya know?

Ella is a dolly baby. Such cute babies, they are!

Did Virginia have her baby?