Monday, February 18, 2008

A quick update...

I just wanted to pop in and post a little about our week so far. I don't know about you but time is just flying by lately. You think I'd be used to it with Matt being a pilot and all, hehe... Anyway, enough bad humor (I know, I need to just go to bed).

We had our appointment with Libba this morning, she's our FABULOUS tax lady! We've been going to her since we moved here in '05 and have seriously put her through the ringer with all the out of state moves, Matt's company technically being in Ohio, marriage, the kid... you get the idea. Anyway, she's phenomenal and always seems to get us the most money back!! This year was no exception, we were in and out so fast and our refund will be here next week, YAY! Looks like the yard will be finished before we thought ;)

Being that we plan to spend a TON of time outside in the coming weeks we thought Ari needed some outdoor entertainment. I headed out to Toys'R'Us and found the cutest little play house. It's the Neat & Tidy Cottage by Step2... it has a door, shutters on the windows and a tiny table with two seats. Oh, and a working doorbell and cordless phone! He's in heaven, Matt had to pry him out of it tonight (with mucho screaming I might add) so he could come inside for dinner. The mid 70 degree weather we've had the past few days are making working outside super fun! Tiring, and boy does my whole body ache, but fun!

I'm working like mad to finish my layouts for the March Crop Addict kit, I have three done, one in the works and a project idea swimming in my head. If only I could find the time to scrap before I'm nearly comatose in the evening...

I promise to be back later this week with photos... I have a TON of stuff on my to-do list. The only way I'm going to get any of it done though is if I get my buns off this crazy machine... later dudes!


Anonymous said...

Awesome ! Dontcha just love tax refunds ?!?! We got ours and it is always wonderful for much needed and long overdue stuff ! Got my schmancy coffeemaker i was wanting forevah !
Cant wait to see when you are all done with your outdoor stuff. Wow 70's ? If only i lived there already .... been icky here , wet, cold and all around cruddy :(
Cant wait to see your CHA photos, Kim had some great ones !
Hope you get all your scrappin' done soon ! I am going on an all weekend crop with my friend so im pretty psyched about that ! WOOHOO ! lol .... gotta update my blog in the morning soooooo bad, i know the feeling of time flying by !
Have a great week !
Jenn :)

Brock Family said...

Hi! I just wanted to stop by and say hi! I am new to the Label Tulip MB and I came across your blog! Your son is too cute!!! We are expecting a little boy in July! I enjoyed reading your blog! Corey (saints511 LTMB)

Nicole said...

I can't wait to see pics of Ari in his playhouse. Sounds like he was having a ball