Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day! We're celebrating tomorrow as Matt is out of town and won't be home until 2! He asked what I wanted to do, I told him staying in was fine but I changed my mind. I've planned a fun family night tomorrow and it's all a surprise... he's going to love it!

I am finally recovered from CHA and California, it took a day or two but east coast time is my friend again. Ari slept until 9 this morning, I was in heaven. I finally got all of my pictures downloaded and sorted, I've decided though that if you want to see specific scrap pictures from CHA you'll have to head on over to the forums at Crop Addict! I figure since Debbie and the Design Team are the reason I was able to go in the first place the least I could do was thank her with some traffic over there! It's a really great place, I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Here are a few pics, though not from the show but Jen and my trip to Huntington Beach. Oh, we had dinner and In-n-Out burger too, SO good. I wish I had one here!!!

Well, I planned on typing more but I'm hungry. I'm going to have some dinner, watch tv and scrap the rest of my March kit!!! Goodnight everyone {{hugs}}


Michelle Lanning said...

Oh don;t you love HB? Did you go shopping on main street?

beautiful pics too!

Morgan said...

Shopping... I didn't know there was shopping...