Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Thursday??

When did that happen? I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the week, and the last day of February for that matter. Where is the time going? Matt's headed back to work this morning, before I know it March will be half over too. It's been a busy two days, we've been running errands and spending time together which hasn't allowed for much blog time, sorry about that. Sometimes your family just has higher priority, know what I mean. Ari is doing much better, thanks for the concern. His molars are in, there are two more on the bottom that seem to be pushing their way up but I think we have a few days before they break through. I have been crafting like crazy, I've done 32 layouts this year, that's just over my goal of 15 a month. I've been feeling very inspired and luckily time has allowed me to run with it. Here are some of my latest creations, you'll have to come to Crop Addict this weekend to see some others...

I'm even going to Michelle's today for some more creative time. I have a little more work to do for the Crop Addict Birthday Crop this weekend. You really should stop by, it's going to be a blast! We've even been posting our favorite scrappy snack recipe's so there's no shortage of yummy snacks at your table!

Anyway, as I said before, Matt heads out today and will be home Sunday night. I'm going to Michelle's today. Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a friend from nursing school, she's just spilled the beans that she's having another baby (WooHoo!!!) so we're going to celebrate and do a little shopping. I am in desperate need of a few more spring clothes, nothing from last year fits. It seems I've lost more weight (how did that happen??). Go figure, I am smaller now than I was pre-Ari, and I seriously have NO idea how. Well, I'll leave you for now. Enjoy your day ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan ! Have fun shopping , wow, i NEED to be thinner, thats a cool secret ! Love your layouts for Crop Addict, im gonna try and check out the crop :) I have been soooooooo wickedly sick all week and so have the kids, i havent been on any sites or blogs or email or anything, i feel so left out ! l0l .... but im trying to catch up with everything now ! Hope everyone is well at your house ! I will write more soon, just wanted to say hi to everyone since ive been MIA . Have a WONDERFUL weekend !