Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Day at the Park

It was absolutely GORGEOUS today, near 80 and sunny! So perfect that we decided to meet Michelle and Ella at the park. We had an appointement in Charlotte so it was pretty perfect.

We tried SO hard to get a good photo of Ari and Ella together, to no avail. This is the second time this week we've attempted and failed miserably. Maybe at Gymboree tomorrow... I'm not holding my breath though. Michelle got some really cute photos too!

After the park we came home, Ari was in desperate need of a nap. Brandon and Cody (the neighbor boys) get off the bus at 2:30. They are the sweetest boys, so polite and well behaved. They mostly play outside with friends but when they're here there so pleasant to be around. I don't mind at all being here for them! It was still really nice out so I took the opportunity to clean out my car and some of our garage. We still have boxes from Ari's birthday, we keep forgetting to break them down and take them to the curb. The neighbor said we could just throw them in his garage for when they demolish the house. Problem solved!

Matt's back to work tomorrow, I have some serious catching up to do with laundry and housework. I'm having some Gymboree moms over Friday night to scrap sans children so I want the house presentable. It's really pretty clean now, I'm just completely neurotic. After babysitting Sunday night I feel like the whole place needs to be scrubbed floor to ceiling.

We just ordered a pizza, tonight is One Tree Hill and since I missed last week's episode nothing is keeping me from this one. I probably just seriously jinxed myself but I'll take my chances. What are the chances of another house fire?? ;)


Jana Eubank said...

Cute park photos, Morgan! Makes me long for those Spring days that are just ahead. Thanks for the "teaser". :)

Michon said...

Darling photos! Those will be fun to scrap!

Anonymous said...

AWH ! I love these photos ! It wasnt 80 here ! See, if only i already lived there , lol .... But how adorable are these photos, you are going to love scrapping them for sure !
Hope everyone is well and things are going better for everyone, hugs to you all !

Nicole said...

They are so cute! Great Pics

Chrissy Le said...

Ari is soooooo cute!!! Did you know I haven't even taken Ruthie to playground yet? There's none around here, and the weather's been so nasty!