Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where do I start...

Do you ever find that you have nothing to blog about so you wait a day or two only to realize that you had a TON of stuff you could have blogged about but now you're so far behind it's not even worth it? That's me... if you understood any of that. I'm very tired which is strange considering I took a two hour nap yesterday and today. Bear with me if some of this is long winded or typo'd.

This past weekend Dick and Sharon came for a visit! We were just in Louisville about two weeks ago to see them but it's always nice when they get to see Ari in his "element". He's something else, that's for sure. Every morning I wake up and he looks SO much bigger and every day he's doing something new and amazing us in every way. Do you know that he now knows three colors and a dozen body parts! Not to mention all the animals he knows and various sounds that go along with them. It's crazy, he's not even two!

We enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend, a little early birthday celebration for me (it's Monday!!!), and a nice date night for Matt and I. We went to see Tropic Thunder and can I say it was HILARIOUS!!! Seriously, I was laughing out loud more than a few times. In preparation for the visit I painted the guest bedroom and bathroom and Matt and Dick installed a new light fixture! I took pictures but they came out all wonky. It's been raining for two days straight and the lighting is all funny so I think I'll wait to take better ones before I share.

Speaking of weather, we sure have had some! Our yard is part pond/part river! It's crazy how much it's rained the past two days! I'm not the slightest bit bothered though, we needed it. I just wish it weren't so stinkin' humid.

Ari had his first day at the baby sitters on Tuesday and he was a champ. As soon as we walked in he ran right to the room with the toys like he'd been there every day. Matt and I enjoyed a nice brunch and some birthday shopping before we picked him up. He did great and was sound asleep in the car before we were even out of the neighborhood!

I think we're up to today, it was half price Wednesday at Monkey Joe's and some of the moms from my moms group were going so we decided to venture out. Big Mistake! Apparently every mom in Charlotte thought it was a good day to go and it was PACKED. Ari hated it so we left and met Michelle and Ella at Chuck E. Cheese. Ari had a great time playing with his best friend and we had pizza for lunch. Well, everyone but Ari had pizza, he threw his on the table and refused to touch it. When we left he fell asleep in the car again and continued to sleep for two hours once we were home!

I've been scrapping away for days, I have quite a few new creations to share with you very soon! I am really happy with my recent creations and think you'll like them too! I also have some super fun exciting news to share but again it will have to wait. I have to make sure I'm allowed to spill the beans, I don't want to get in trouble ;) Enjoy the rest of your week, Matt is off work until Saturday or Sunday and we are very much enjoying our family time this week. Ari goes back to the sitter tomorrow and I think we have a little more shopping to do! I know I'm way overdue for photos and I promise I'll share soon but right now my pillow is calling my name. I'm exhausted! See you later.


Lisa said...

Happy late Birthday Morgan!!! Glad it was good!!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Morgan! I can't wait to see your new projects!

Ella & Michelle said...

Glad he's liking the sitter. That's got to be a relief. How did it go today? We had fun yesterday! We'll have to do it again. We also need to get some scrapping done. I need my mojo back!!!

bruinbr said...

can't wait to hear your exciting news (& see your new scrappy creations!) Happy early birthday! :)