Friday, August 22, 2008

Ok, can I just say

Actually, I have two things:

1. It's a gorgeous day, cool and breezy. Perfect for open windows. Except for the fact that my neighbor smokes like a freakin' chimney and I CANNOT stand the smell. Seriously, I can hardly breathe. It's making me nauseous and now I have a headache. It's really rediculous that I can't even enjoy my own home without feeling ill from second hand smoke blown throughout my very non-smoking house.

2. It's really stupid to plant fake flowers in your yard. I don't say many things are stupid but this definately qualifies. I'd rather look at the trash that they picked up in order to plant said fake flowers. It's not the same neighbor.

One more thing, yet another neighbor has decided that their dog belongs outside... indefinately. Now I get to listen to the never ending barking (all night long) and whining on top of the smoke and fake flowers. Remind me again why we moved here??

I really am in a good mood today, I'm sure you can't tell. I'm just sick of the insanity that I have to deal with on a daily basis. It's absurd.


Christina said...

I am SO with you!! We have neighbors like that too. One leaves her dog outside so she doesn't have to listen to it, and if I even walk past a window I have to listen to it for an hour. It stinks when you have pride of ownership and no one around you feels the same way. Hope your day starts going better. Hugs!! said...

:( It's going to get better. :) You can ask your neighbor to bring the dog in and if that doesn't work there's bound to be a noise ordinance and the cops will enforce it. wink