Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things that make my smile

1. Ari watching morning cartoons while I clean my scrap area, quietly!

2. No dirty dishes in the sink, Matt did them before he left for work yesterday!

3. A freshly painted bathroom, new towels and a new shower curtain. I like the end result, not the painting part :(

4. Laundry that's already folded and just needs to be put away.

5. Pay day, need I say more :)

6. My neighbors cleaning their yard and garage, now I can actually open the curtains! It looks like they're getting ready to put the house for sale, that makes me even happier :)

I may be back with pictures later, we'll see if I have the energy. I'm exhausted, it's still stinkin' hot around here. I have a few errands to run today after Ari's nap so I don't expect to have too much computer time until late tonight. Darkness doesn't make for great pictures...


Anonymous said...

LOL on the neighbors .... pay day ALWAYS makes me smile, lol .... I have so much i want to do here , there is never enough time, would at least be nice to do what i want and at least enjoy it a little while i still live here, so thats my goal over the next couple weeks after michaels last surgery next week.
Speaking of a sink of dishes, must go do those now, i HATE dishes in the sink with a passion !
Enjoy the heat, pretty darn hot here too . Muggy too.

Ella & Michelle said...

You are back!! I just now checked and see I've missed some stuff. Can't wait to see the pics! You inspired me to clean my scrap area. It's a bit more organized. ACOT crop this weekend, so it's a good thing.