Monday, April 28, 2008

What's with this weather??

Seriously, I took a nap this morning becuase we had plans to go strawberry picking with Michelle and Ella and I kept hitting the snooze button (my bed felt SO good, I didn't want to get out), the last time the snooze alarm sounded different. I got up and came downstairs and realized it wasn't my alarm, it was the tornado sirens! No joke, I turned on the tv just in time to hear the weather man tell me to take cover, the tornado cell was headed pretty much straight for our town! Not such a good way to wake up, the sirens woke Ari up too and he was NOT happy about it. Thankfully I bought him a new toy yesterday so he was easily distracted!

Anyway, strawberry picking didn't happen. We figured it was a little too soggy to trapse through strawberry fields and I was nervous since this mornings storm just appeared out of nowhere! I thought after that last storm that we were done for the day but just as Ari was waking from his afternoon nap it started storming again. My yard has a river in it! At least my flowers are thriving, April showers right!

Ari and I are just going to chill the rest of the day. Matt gets home tonight and has five days off, I cannot wait! We're back off to Florida Thursday though and I still haven't unpacked from the last trip... it is the end of the month though so you know what that means. Layouts are up at Crop Addict for the May kit! I really pushed myself with this kit, I made 5 layouts and an album of our trip to the zoo! I'll show you the layouts today, I need to make a slideshow of the album so you'll have to wait until tomorrow! Head over to the gallery at Crop Addict to see the other designer's creations...

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bruinbr said...

love the new banner and layouts! you ROCKED this kit!!