Friday, April 4, 2008

I hate storms.

Seriously. Hate is not a word that I use very often, I'm not a fan of such extreme negative emotion. It's my personal belief that to hate takes just as much energy to love and if I'm "hating" for real, it's just not worth it. Well, with storms I really truly hate them. We're under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and just had a Tornado Warning for about 45 minutes. Of course, I had to grab Ari and huddle in our half bath until the creepy voice on the TV said it was safe to come out. My next house is going to have a basement, no questions asked. I was really hoping to get to bed early tonight and get a full nights rest, my asthma and allergies are still seriously kicking my rear. With these warnings and watches though I'm not going to be able to sleep so I may as well be productive. I'm scrapping, what else?? What, the house is a disaster?? I can't hear you...


Anonymous said...

When all else fails .... SCRAP !!!! LOL .....

Im glad the storm passed with no damage, that must be scary, do you get alot of tornados ?

I KWYM about the allergies, they have been kicking all our butts this week .

Have a great weekend ! How do you like the Nikon D40 and how bad was the price ? I really need a good camera , im getting fed up big time with the Fuji !


caulfieldkid said...

I hear ya, girl. UGH I hate torndados too (although I have to admit I love a good thunderstorm).

My neck was sore last night from being tense all afternoon from it.

Glad you guys are safe!

Virginia said...

Uh yeah... so my husband was still signed in to blogger and I didn't realize it. That was me with the previous comment!


Laura S. said...

I am sorry you have been having to deal withthe storms.

Hope the allergies get better soon.

At least you are

Going For Greatness said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're being terrorized by the storms :(
I have spent many a night in the basement when I lived in Colorado....
Hang in there. I hope things clear up for you soon!

bruinbr said...

hang in there! Being in CA, we don't have to worry about tornados or big storms... just earthquakes! :P Hope the allergies get better soon too!

Theresa Tyree said...

Hey sweetpea! We have a basement in the new house, thank God! I couldn't have one where I'm from in Texas because of the subsidence on the coast. I love having the safety and security of having one.

Hope you enjoy your goodies from

I just got my Piggy Tales package the other day with the new CHA releases. I can't wait to scrap Ari's pictures and send them to you!!

Love ya,