Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hmm, what's new?

Not a whole lot. I'm really only blogging because I feel like it's been too long. It's been a pretty chill weekend, Matt went back to work Friday. We did have those aforementioned nasty storms but came through unscathed, the yard is a bit soggy but no harm done.

Let's see... Saturday: Cleaned the house most of the day, just tidying up here and there. Tara and Hannah came over for a double play date! They ended up spending the night, Tara and I scrapped until almost 2 am. It was great but man I feel like an old lady today, I'm draggin'!!

Tara and Hannah went home after breakfast, Ari took a nap and I hopped in the shower. Ari and I had a lunch date with Matt since he had 4 hours to kill between flights. It was great to see him especially since Ari and I won't be here when he gets home tomorrow. After lunch I picked up Tara and Hannah and we went to South Blvd. for some shopping. I needed a few things at Babies'R'Us for Ari and Michael's is right next door so of course we had to browse. I got a new cartridge for the Cricut, it's an alphabet one so I can cut my own titles for layouts. I'm excited, I haven't gotten a new cartridge in SO long. We came home, Ari had some dinner and a bath. He's now happily playing in the family room humming to himself. It's too cute, if I weren't so tired I'd take a video but, nah.

I have a bit of laundry to do tonight before we leave in the morning. We're headed to Charleston, SC with Michelle, Ella and Rachael (another friend) for Michelle's birthday. We got a suite in Charleston to spend the night, we're going to the beach and aquarium tomorrow then on Tuesday we'll stop at the Columbia Zoo on the way back home. I'm really looking forward to it, the beach is calling my name. I have yet to pack a thing but since it's only one night it shouldn't be too time consuming. I really wanted to get a pedicure before we left but ran out of time. I'm going to give myself one tonight, I got one of those foot spa thingy's when I was pregnant with Ari and haven't used it since. I got the new Scrapbook Trends magazine at M's today so that pretty much sums up my evening. I'll be sure to post pics from our trip when I return Tuesday. We have a busy week ahead of us so if I'm MIA for a few days don't take it personal ;) Love ya!!!


Nicole said...

Hope you are having fun Morgan!

Anonymous said...

Hope you and Michelle are having a blast ! ITs cold and rainy here ! Hope you are snapping some COOOOOL pics with your new cam ! My camera will be here tomorrow ....
My dentist visit went very well, im so glad its over, now for visit number 2 !
If you didnt get a camera bag the SUPER cute AMM brown SLR bag is on for only 34 bucks ! It is so much more gorgeous in person, im so glad i got it . The brand is Vituri ....
Ok, now im just ranting on your blog, i will save it for email, lol ..... have a blast !
Jenn :)

Chrissy Le said...

How was your foot spa?? BTW, if you want to let go of some of your past Scrapbook Trends mags, I'd be interested. ;) Are you going to get the Canon Rebel XT too, like your comrades?! Man, I want one so bad!

Going For Greatness said...

Isn't it great to have a scrappin' pal who lives near?? I LOVE having Laura (shreve68) 15 minutes away. We see each other all the time and the scrappy time we get together is just THE BEST!!
Oh! Wow! I'll be in Charleston, SC from April 24 - 29th. One of my best friends AND also my brother in law and his wife live there. (Summerville)
Enjoy your trip!!!
~Gabi ( from Crop Addict)

Laura S. said...

Oh Have fun!!