Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our Little Artist

OK, so that might be a stretch but he had a blast and that's all that matters! On my little trip to Michael's last week I found this sidewalk paint set and thought what the heck, if we're outside we're going to be messy anyway so why not add a little color! It's made by Crayola, the set comes with three colors, chalk, a brush and a roller and a tray to hold it all. The roller works best for little hands, the brush doesn't hold enough paint to really do much with so I used it and let Ari pile it on with the roller. He was very proud of his sidewalk and refused to let me wash it off... oh, that's the cool part, it comes right off with plain water!

We weren't outside long, it's like 90 and VERY humid... I am such a wuss but totally blame the baby belly. Normally I love the heat but I swell up the minute I step outside lately, that's definately not fun. I'm not used to being swollen, it's something I've never dealt with since Ari was a winter baby. Just about 7 weeks left though and that's if he's full term... Ari came early and I'm really, really hoping this lil' guy does the same!

Ari goes back to school tomorrow, he's very excited! Oh, did I mention? He's in Preschool Summer Camp! Tuesday was his first day, he did awesome with the exception of one total meltdown when he was told water table play time was over. Such is life, I'm sure once he realizes that Ms. Shelley is in charge he will shape up for her!

Well, I am off to my scrap corner!!! I just wanted to share these pictures, while Ari was playing I sat outside with a stack of Scrapbook Trends and have two pages of ideas waiting to be scrapped. Man it feels good to have the mojo back!

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