Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Backyard Kind of Day

Hello! I added the pictures of my creations from yesterday to the post below this one so if you wanted some creative eye candy be sure to scroll down and check them out!

Today was GORGEOUS! Matt let me sleep in this morning which was wonderful! I haven't been sleeping well, I either get kicked in the bladder a few times, my legs go numb from the weight of the belly or I wake up starving... it was so nice to snooze as late as I wanted! I think I finally rolled my lazy bones out of bed around 10:30 when I was too hungry to stall any longer. We all took showers (Ari loves the "stand up shower" now so he actually had a lot of fun getting clean) and headed out for lunch and errands. We got the crib mattress for Little Rascal, the room is now 99% ready for him! I had custom artwork created from a wonderful lady on Etsy and it should be here any day. I'm so excited!

I found the nursery bedding and window treatments on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids several months ago. We actually had an ultrasound done around 12 weeks and the tech said she *thought* she could see outdoor plumbing but he still could turn out to be a girl. Well, I saw this most perfect bedding a couple weeks before the 18 week ultrasound and went with my gut, that he was a boy and this deal was way too good to pass up. Someone was on my side, the outdoor plumbing was confirmed and I bought the entire set for right around $100! We had to buy a new crib, Ari's had been recalled for some sort of mega safety defect and the table and shelf near the glider are new as well. Those were Ikea finds, Sharon (my awesome Mother In Law) and I painted them to match the bedding exactly! The artwork will go in the three frames above the crib and I'm making nautical flags that spell out his name to hang above the changing table.

OK, so back to our day... we went to lunch then headed to Babies'R'Us for the crib mattress and picked up a super fun water table for Ari while we were there. We promised him he could "splash" when we got home and he had a blast! We hooked up the sprinkler too, it was near 90 today and he loved every minute of it. We really hesitated with the sprinkler, his sensory issues really show themselves with water splashing but he could have cared less. We had just as much fun watching him and are so proud that he seems to be outgrowing so many of his issues. Here are a few of the pictures from today...

Even though it was pretty late in the day we still had to keep his shirt on, his sunburn was way worse than I thought. I probably should have taken him to the doctor but it's too late now. He's peeling and doesn't like to be touched still, the lotion I put on tonight really stung and he cried for a while but calmed down and is sound asleep. I think another week totally out of the sun and layers upon layers of sunblock for the rest of the summer should do the trick.

Matt heads back to work tomorrow, we're going to drop him off then head to the mall. I have a little shopping to do (it's a secret so dont' ask) and we're having dinner at a friends house tomorrow night. It should be another fun day, I really love summer!

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bruinbr said...

The nursery is adorable! I love the mobile! What a great deal too on the bedding! :)