Sunday, June 28, 2009

She did it again!

I know I totally raved about Becca and the pictures she did for us for Fathers Day but I have to do it again. She and I went out for a maternity photo shoot last week, I really wanted to document this last phase of my last pregnancy. Once again she has totally blown me away. I actually cried when I saw the images! If you would like to see I would love to share!

Becca Bond Photography

Click on Clients and the password is arilove. You'll be able to see both galleries, the Fathers Day family pictures and my maternity shoot! Please come back and leave a comment, I am so proud of these and would love to hear what you have to say! I have to say, looking at the pictures I realize just how enormous the belly is. I see it from the same perspective every day, you really don't know how other people see you. I'm so glad I did this!

I have a doctors appointment a week from tomorrow with my doctor (I go to a practice with 14 doctors and rotate through all of them throughout the pregnancy). I'm hoping my doctor will give me an idea of when Little Man will be here. Honestly, I'm hoping for a scheduled induction. I'm SO nervous that I will go into labor with Matt at work and all of our family at home... 600 miles from here. Not the ideal situation. So, cross your fingers for me and I will keep you posted!

We're having a relaxing family night at home tonight. The next two weeks are rough with Matt's work schedule so we're soaking up all the family time we can!

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Virginia said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous, and I can totally see why you teared up over them. Truly breathtaking! I am definitely envious- of the beautiful photography AND how adorable you are pregnant. I think my favorites are the haystack ones... although, I really love all of them! So cool!