Friday, June 26, 2009

One Crazy Kid

Ari really cracks me up sometimes. He's been on a boot kick lately (pardon the pun). I have no idea where it came from, only that he dragged Matt upstairs the other day insisting that he wear "mommy's boots". I didn't even know that he knew I had boots, I can't remember ever wearing them in front of him. Anyway, my Wellies are a tad too big for the Lil' Guy so I've been keeping my eye open for some in his size. I hit the jackpot at Old Navy yesterday and found a pair on clearance! They're a 5 and he is just in a 6 but I thought I'd try anyway.

He LOVES them. Seriously, he can put them on himself and has been trucking all through the house today pulling his string of wooden bead shapes (and a rogue matchbox car that found it's way on to the string).

Too cute! We're hanging out at home today. It's like a million degrees outside so we've been building train tracks, "swimming" in the bathtub and playing car wash (that consists of driving matchbox cars under the train bridge aka car wash). Lots of fun! We're eating lunch now and heading upstairs for naps, yay!

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