Saturday, June 6, 2009

I can officially say that I'm back in the scrapbook groove!! I did two layouts and three projects this week and I feel great! My house is a disaster but that's beside the point ;) Having Matt home most of the week gave me the ability to sit in my corner and create, he's awesome with keeping Ari occupied so I can "work".

The first layout I did was of Ari on the swing at our friend Jeannie's house on Memorial Day. She's a friend I met through my mommies website and she had that water playdate I mentioned a while ago, this picture was taken while we were there. I love it, not only is Ari on a "big boy swing" but he's on a swing period! Swings were NOT high on his list of fun things for a while, something to do with his sensory issues but he seems to really have overcome it! He even asked me to push him and loved it as long as he didn't go too high. The little skull accent matches his swim trunks in case you can't see in the picture. I fell in love with the skull swim trunks as soon as I saw them at Gymboree and think I even paid full price (I never pay full price) they were that cute, he has a matching hat too!

The last layout I did was the belly. I love the shots Matt took a few weeks ago and since I have yet to scrap a single page of this pregnancy I thought I should get started before I'm not pregnant anymore. Can you believe I only have about 6-8 weeks left! I can't wait to meet our little guy, I haven't had an ultrasound since the 20 week mark and I am going nuts wondering what he looks like. With Ari I had multiple ultrasounds due to the complications I was having so it's a big adjustment not getting to see our Peanut every week!

It's a blah day here today, seems it might be a little cooler but we'll see. I have to pick up my groceries (thank you online shopping) and am making dinner for a friend that had twins. Ari and I have a barbeque to go to this evening, after we drop dinner off for said friend with new twins. I'm looking forward to Ari burning off some energy tonight, maybe he will sleep in tomorrow!! Did I mention that he slept in until 9am the past two mornings... awesome kid!!!

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