Friday, November 14, 2008

Whew, tagged again.

My friend Laura tagged me again and since I don't have anything interesting to report from Wiebke World I thought I'd spurt out some more random facts. I'm not going to tag anyone else though since I've run out of people :(

1. I watched ER last night and sobbed like a baby the whole time. Matt called to say goodnight and thought something was really wrong. I tend to get wrapped up in shows I love and this one was gut wrenching. I won't spoil it unless you'd TiVo'd it... just be sure to have a box of tissues near when you watch it.

2. I hate doing the dishes, like really hate it. If there's any way I can eat without using dishes that need to be washed I do it. That generally means I'm eating out of the container it was cooked in because I don't like to use paper or plastic either. I think it's wasteful. I've even skipped lunch once or twice because my kitchen has been cleaned and I don't want to mess it up.

3. I am a Democrat and I voted for Barack Obama. I try to keep politics and religion off my blog because those areas are so controversial but my faith in politics has been renewed recently. For the first time in nearly a decade I can say that I am proud to be an American and since this is my blog and all, why not share it here too. I cannot wait to see what the next four or eight years will bring!

4. I don't like fish. Only when my father in law cooks it (or my mother in law, she's awesome too) will I eat it and actually enjoy it.

5. I miss my family. My brother and my in laws. I haven't seen them enough recently and that makes me sad. I feel like Ari is growing by leaps and bounds and I wish they were closer to see it in person. I need to make time to go visit more often but it's hard, I don't want to bother anyone. *I just saw my dad last weekend, that's why he's not on this list. I usually miss him too, just as much as the others!

6. We got a Wii this week. Matt kicked my butt in boxing and tennis and bowling and every other game we played. How is it that I can practice and practice and he can pick it up once and knock my socks off? Men.

7. I don't believe in "gender roles" for children, or anyone for that matter. This issue was brought up on my moms website and many mommies feel their sons shouldn't be allowed to play with "girl" toys and won't allow it. I think that's a little wrong in my opinion and hope that I am raising a well rounded little boy. Not one that just wants to run around shooting stuff and scratching himself. Ari has a baby doll and a play kitchen as well as his cars and dinosaurs. If he shows interest in something I don't want to let society dictate wether it's appropriate. Does that make sense?

I'm sure I may have offended people with my random facts but I've had a lot of stuff weighing on me lately. I think I need to ponder some more but the other part of me says to just push it all aside and continue on my merry way. I have a lot on my plate right now so I think that's what I'll do. Anyway, sorry for all the randomness and I hope I haven't made anyone mad.


Anonymous said...

Yup, Laura got me too ,lol .... I agree, you should be able to say what you want on your own blog :) I always love everyones quirky facts, i also voted for Barack and have hope for a new day :)
Just poppin in to say hi :)

Angie said...

Hi, I pop in and read your blog once in a while and I don't leave comments sorry. I just want to say I totally agree with you on politics, I haven't stopped smiling since Barack won. I feel the future is a brighter place now. I also agree with you about gender rolls, My brother had a doll growing up and he grew into a perfectly rounded person.