Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eye Candy!

It's November which means it's time to share my Crop Addict Kit creations! This month the kit was absolutely GORGEOUS! The whole Fancy Pants fall line plus Scrap Within Reach, lots of fun embellies and of course Bazzill cardstock. I had so much fun working with this kit. You can probably tell the layouts that I did before Ari got sick and the layout I did after~ sorry about that Debbie. I just totally fell off the creative wagon and am really not happy with the turnout but what can you do? I still have one more layout to add to this too but it's still sitting upstairs on my table. I'll get it posted after Matt gets home to help me out today.

In other news the kid is still sick. I tried weaning down the Tylenol and he woke up twice last night crying and rubbing his little head :( This morning he was pretty uncomfortable too, really sad and pulling on both ears. So, it looks like we're headed back to the doctor tomorrow. She said if he was still showing signs of discomfort to bring him back in. I feel so bad for him, I hate that he's in pain and it's really sad that when I ask him if he wants "drops" he runs to me yelling "Yeah!!". Poor baby. Thankfully Matt gets to come home today because we both need it. Well, I have a ton of cleaning to do and I think skipping breakfast was not a good idea because my tummy is rumbly. I'll be back later with more eye candy. Oh, I will be putting Ari's costume on at some point so look for those pics too!

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