Monday, November 3, 2008

More eye candy!

As you know I've been doing some work for a new scrapbook store here in town called Southern Scrapbooks. Holly, the owner, used to be a Fiskateer. In fact, she was the #1 Fiskateer and now a Legend and I think that is so totally cool! She and I were meant to be friends and working with her is amazingly fun. I find myself wanting to go to the store way too much but I guess that's not a bad thing. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my creations for the store.

Have you seen the new My Mind's Eye Laundry Line? Seriously, glitter papers and ribbons and stamps and super fun embellies... I am in love and want to buy the whole thing! Here's two layouts and a card. The first one is obviously Matt skiing in Wisconsin this year. He is such a rockstar, he can slalom and get up on just one ski, not two and have to drop one. It is so fun to watch him, as I was scrapping this last night I found myself wishing we were at the lake right now but it's probably snowing up there right now so not as fun.

This next one I used pictures that Holly gave me. It's the little girl that her mom babysit's I think and she is so adorable, I just want to squish her. I'm severely lacking in the "girl pictures" department so it was fun to glam it up.

And this one is just a little card that I had to make with the houndstooth glitter paper. I'm on a card making kick lately so this was fun to do. The stamp is from MME and I just used VersaMark, not ink. I love that watermark look on cardstock!

The titles for the layouts were cut with my new love, the QuicKutz. Seriously, love it. Getting one for myself ;) I used the Nutmeg font and the Blossom font and I think they are perfect. I love that you can cut out the letters you need, no more running out of 't' or 'e' since you can just cut another one!

I did a couple Christmas layouts too since it's so quickly approaching. Less than two months, sheesh. This first one I did to showcase the new Lil' Davis foil paper. I love this picture of Ari on Santa's lap, he was like "who is this and why am I sitting on his lap???". Too cute!

This next one I did for the QuicKutz class on Tuesday. I love this new border die of the Christmas lights. It's so easy to use, this whole layout took me under 15 minutes! Again, the Nutmeg font too and yes I realize the 'i' is missing... I think it got left at the store so I'll just add it when I go in today. Nothing slows me down though ;)

I also made a turkey tag napkin ring for Thanksgiving but it's not quite done yet. I can't decide if I want it to say "Gobble" or not and am letting Holly make that decision. I'll share it when I figure out what it will look like in the end. Well, I think that's enough for now. I have to go take the kid back to the Dr. in a few minutes. He's not doing any better, still pulling on his ears and just miserable so I think we need to alter his course of treatment. Wish us luck, I hate that my little man isn't feeling well. Although you should see him right now... he's watching a Jack's Big Music Show video and dancing with a tape measure singing "love, love" over and over... too cute.


Jen said...

You do great work, Morgan!

Ella & Michelle said...

I love these! They really are great. I can't wait to see what you do with the BG line!