Saturday, November 29, 2008

A new season, a new look

Thought I'd spruce up the blog a bit, what do you think? I think Christmas is my most favorite time of year and I love that I can have my blog reflect that! Next I'll change out the music but maybe tomorrow.

We got back from our Thanksgiving in Louisville last night and I'm still beat from the trip. Ari wasn't the smoothest traveller on the way there and it took a lot out of me. A LOT. I now know the cost of my sanity is $338, the price of a new stroller and car seat. I'll spare you the gory details... trust me, it was brutal. Anyway, once we arrived all was good again. I had my fantastic Mother In Law to the rescue, she even met me at the gate in the airport where I literally passed off my kid like a football. Good thing she was there, I needed her! She's always there when I need her though and I am incredibly grateful for that. Mother in laws get a bad rap but she is truly awesome, I am very lucky to have her in my life!

Anyway, we had an awesome holiday. Matt arrived Wednesday evening and we were able to spend Thanksgiving day as a family. Dick, my father in law, is an amazing cook and the turkey he prepared is easily the best I've ever had. I didn't take my camera but when they send me the pictures I'll be sure to post them. That bird was gorgeous and very tasty! We played cards and ate until we couldn't get up from the table, a truly perfect day.

As I mentioned, I didn't take my camera on the trip but I'll post pictures when they send them. It was a great week, we've only been home a day and I miss them already. Good thing Christmas and Ari's birthday are only a short 4 weeks away.

I hate to keep this short (and relatively boring, sorry) but I'm very sleepy and am going to go to bed early. Ari is in bed and Matt won't be home until later tonight so no harm done! Good night everyone, stay warm!


Deb said...

Glad you ended up having a good holiday despite the trip to get there. I really hope we can get together sometime when you are in town!

Ella & Michelle said...

It looks great! I was thinking about changing mine and you inspired me to do it!

Jen said...

Ha! Great minds think alike...this was the pattern I chose for my blog, too...but then I found the argyle and HAD to have that!

Good to see you back at YCM!