Friday, November 7, 2008

Holy Cow, a giveaway!

Wow, I just noticed that I have had over 10,000 hits on the ole' blog!! Wow, who knew my crazy life would be that interesting or that my scrap stuff would be so popular!! So, to celebrate I'll do a little giveaway. Leave a comment by Monday and I'll randomly pick one and send you some scrappy goodies. I have lots of stuff that I've just cleaned out, most of it is pretty new too. Thanks for reading along with me, I'll see you Monday!


Ella & Michelle said...

That's a lot of hits! Have fun in FL. Oh yeah, if you get a chance, see about the baby turtles!!!

Anonymous said...

I know, isnt it amazing how fast the hits add up ?! I was going to do one for 5000 hits but it was chaotic so i shall now wait for the 10000 mark too !!
Now if we can just hook up and chat non blogs , lol ..... email me when you get a chance, im trying to work out now when we can come down, of course now the holidays are coming up now that we finally got michael all calmed down, always something, and my dad keeps saying ' When the heck are ya gonna check out the area ? ' lol ...... sorta been crazy dad !!!! Ok, im babbling on your comments now. Talk to you soon, hope you are having fun in the sun , been nothing but rain here for days :)


Laura S. said...

Morgan how cool. Love the look of your blog...I haven't been here in awhile. have been tagged...go check outmy