Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Would it be bad??

I'm thinking I need to make a sign for my door that says "Just Go Away". I'm really not a mean person, really, but I am really sick and tired of people thinking they can just come here when things go wrong. Remember the neighbors that we helped when their house burned down... you know, the ones we opened our home for and didn't even get a "thanks". The ones we haven't heard peep from since they took their donations and put new rims on their car... well. The boys got locked out of the house today so they came to our house. They said their mom told them to come here, that it was ok becuase I don't work. Um, hello, just because I don't need to work doesn't mean I sit around on my butt waiting to help anyone that might need it. I had things to do today that now have to wait until tomorrow which means the list of crap I had to do tomorrow isn't going to get done before I leave for Florida. That means I get to do it when I come home. So much for a relaxing trip, now I'm going to be worried about the mess I get to come home to.

I think one of the shirts I'm going to make for myself is going to say "I'm not your doormat".


Croppycatter said...

wow Morgan!!! That's horrible...she should have gotten over there and got her boys instead of pawning them off on you!

I didn't know that about your neighbors...guess I missed all that! I can't believe they didn't appreciate all the work you put in to help them out...that completely blows me away!

Angie said...

That is terrible Morgan. That mother has some nerve. How very rude of her to assume that because you are a SAHM that you will just be there to take care of her family.

I hope you enjoy your trip. Try not to think about your unfinished to do list. (I know easier said than done)

BTW we miss you at Creatvie scrapland ;).

Tabitha said...

oh, my goodness that si just crazy!

Hope tomm is better for you!

Ella & Michelle said...

You need to talk to her and let her know that's not cool anymore. People like that drive me nuts. Isn't Matt going to be home some while we are gone? Maybe he can help????

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness girlfriend, what is with people !?!? First i cant believe how unappreciative they were for everything you did for them , and that is SOOOO rude for the mom to tell them ! I would be peeeeeeeved too ! I think we are similar in temperament ! lol .... I like people, and everyone says im always smiling, yet i get annoyed at people very easily too ! LOL .....
And very cool about the tshirts, i cant wait to see them ! I have been slacking on blog hopping this past 2 weeks with all my dental drama ! UGH ! And its still not over is the sucky part !
Hope you have a good trip ! Dont worry about the mess, its not worth it ! Enjoy your trip and stress when you come home :)
Talk to you soon !

bruinbr said...

that's just terrible! it really amazes me how RUDE people can be!

Theresa Tyree said...

You go, girl! Be strong and stand up for yourself!! You really should set things straight with the neighbors. I know- easier said than done!

I hope this brightens your day some. Your beautiful Ari's layout is posted on my blog all in its finished glory! I hope you like it! Let me know when you get back from Florida and then I'll mail it to you!
Love you,
Tree said...

That's horrible. She's totally taking advantage. Yep, you need to just send those kids back home - it is not your responsibility that they lost their keys and their mother is irresponsible.