Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Days

Wake up. Put Ari straight in bathtub. Peel jammies off. Add to washing machine. Rinse poo off. Take him out. Clean tub. Put him back in. Strip linens, blankies and animals from crib. Add to washing machine. Start washing machine. Wash Ari head to toe. Take him out again. Scrub crib rails with Clorox wipes. Put laundry in dryer. Run washer empty to make sure no poo residue is left. Dress Ari and head downstairs.

Repeat at nap time. Both of them.


Nicole said...

Poor little guy is not feeling better yet? I hope you get a break soon Morgan! hang in there sweetie!

Lisa said...

oh no! i thought his tummy was better! poor guy but poor mom too!!

Going For Greatness said...

Oh my goodness! 10 days of this? holy cow!!
Poor thing........ he must have the rash from H*** and you must be at wits end too!

bruinbr said...

yikes!!! hang in there!