Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fresh Picked Strawberries!

It was SO gorgeous here today, in the mid 80's and not a cloud in the sky! After a morning nap (both of us!!) we met Michelle and Ella, and Michelle's friend Brian, at Chic-Fil-A for lunch. Ari was in such a good mood and incredibly happy to see Ella (even though we were just there yesterday). He ate three chicken nuggets, a waffle fry and a fruit bar, yay! It's funny, he is so outgoing and sociable... unless he's never seen you. Then he's incredibly shy, it's too cute! Brian would try to say hi to him and he'd bow his head and stare at his lap, hehe. I swear he can be the cutest little man I've ever seen!!

After lunch we headed to the strawberry patch to pick our own. It was SO hot out and I think Ari was tired, he was pretty whiney the whole time. I managed to pick about 2 pounds of berries though and snapped a few pictures. Of course the only pictures of Ari are of his back becuase he was constantly running up and down the row pulling at the leaves. He melted down after a little bit so we had to leave. It's probably good though becuase his cheeks got a little pink despite a thick coat of sunblock.

After strawberry picking we went shopping, of course. I wanted to buy a cover for the baby pool so we don't have to drain it every day, I feel a little more "green" not wasting so much water. We also picked up the "crabby sandbox" and some play balls so Ari has his very own ball pit! Ella has the Nemo sandbox with play balls and Ari has so much fun, I knew it would be a good purchase!

When we got home he was sound asleep, not even waking when I carried him upstairs to his crib! I set up the backyard so it was ready to go when he woke up. He was so thrilled to be out there, he played without a peep for two hours!!!

I spread out a blanket and read a book in the sunshine, it was fabulous. This will be the first summer in two years that I will be able to be outside! Last year Ari was pretty little and on a nebulizer for breathing difficulty (the heat made it worse, so we stayed in the air conditioning) and the year before I was pregnant!

Anyway, as I'm rambling on and on I'm realizing that in all the fun we've been having the past few days I have accomplished almost nothing in the way of housework. I can at least say that the clean laundry pile is larger than the dirty pile, but it is just that... a pile. Why is it so much harder to put it away than it is to get it out?? Either way I need to get my buns in gear. We have more fun things planned for every day this week, I cannot put off the cleaning any longer! Wish me luck...


Deanna said...

Awesome! What a great day for the two of you! And incredible pictures too! That huge smile on little Ari's face is just contagious! Do you ever tire of hearing just how adorable he is??? I mean, how stinkin' cute is he!

Anonymous said...

With ya on the housework ! Although i did start and make a dent, now i just need to finish !

Ok, so that pic of Ari walking in the field is SUUUUUUPER !!!!! I cant WAIT to see it scrapped, dont you love taking pix now that you have a new camera ?! Its a whole new world ! LOL ....

Not that warm here, although its still nice , not as warm . The bees and mosquitos are starting to come out which i HATE though .... the one downfall of the nice weather .

Ok, im now babbling but im glad you had a fab day ! Have another tomorrow :) Give that little cutie a kiss on his cute little cheeks ! He is so cute !

Talk to you soon !
Jenn :)

Croppycatter said...

The strawberry picking sounds like a lot of fun! Ari is going to have sooo much fun this summer!