Monday, May 19, 2008

Pool Day!!

It was WAY too gorgeous not to go for a swim. Well, more like a splash!!

Of course, now I'm super crispy (I didn't realize just how cloudless the sky actually was until we came inside, oops). Good thing I tan easily, it should be brown tomorrow instead of lobster red!!

I suppose that's enough for today. Until tomorrow...


Nicole said...

Adorable! Love little pool pics!

Anonymous said...

So not that nice here today ! Kinda chilly and raining , :( ..... Ari looks so cute , and whats up with that doc !?
Must email ya soon, have some questions on a couple little things . On cool news, my dad is going to NC next saturday to buy his land even though they arent moving yet, he is going the modular route, we arent doing that though. But still exciting cuz it makes it seem like we will be moving eventually ! LOL .... Ok, im a chatterbox today, i was in so much dental pain yesterday, ugh !

Theresa Tyree said...

We've been having gorgeous weather here too, finally! Fun pics of little Ari. He's just a doll. I'm going to get started on my Piggy Tales DT projects soon. I'll have to back track and find those pictures of Ari that I'd love to scrap!

Jana Eubank said...

Super cute pics, Morgan! I bet you can't wait to scrap those! Ari is such a cutie pie! ;)

Tabitha said...

great pictures