Friday, May 9, 2008

Bad Blogger...

sorry, I've been MIA a bit this week. There really hasn't been much blog-worthyness happening around here. Wednesday was Gymboree, it was a little frustrating because Ari was SO not into group activity. Everytime we'd try to participate he'd throw a tantrum until I let him run back to this hilly wooden bridge thing. It was a few feet off the ground and had other wooden play things around it so I had to stand there the whole time making sure he didn't crack his head open. It was sort of boring and lonely but I guess he had fun and that is technically the point of these classes.

Thursday was my day out! I went to Just Fresh Kitchen Cafe for lunch. I actually sat down and ate my food instead of inhaling it as fast as possible in order to stave of an Ari meltdown. I took a book and read in between bites, I think I was there for 30-45 minutes, by far the longest time I've been in a restaurant since Ari's new found independence and ability to scream so loud you want to crawl under the table and pretend he's not with you. After lunch I went to my most favorite nail spa for a pedicure. It was so luxurious, I'm not to thrilled with the color I picked but that's really beside the point. The experience was what I was craving and my feet are so soft! I'm definately making this a routine now, I deserve a little pampering now and again.

Today: I'm at home waiting on the security people to fix our alarm system... again. This time they're giving us more window sensors and replacing a few of the ones that were not installed properly in the first place. Oh, and this month's service will be on them for causing me to waste my day and half a tank of gas when it went off due to shoddy installation! I know it sounds like I'm being a brat but this is not the first issue we've had with said system and I want to do what I can to make sure it's the last~

Matt is on his way to Home Depot to pick up the screen door we ordered for the front door. We're having a barbeque tonight, just the three of us. I want to see if Ari will eat grilled chicken... he loves chicken nuggets and tenders, this seemed like the next logical step! I'll let you know how it goes!


Michon said...

"I actually sat down and ate my food instead of inhaling it as fast as possible in order to stave of an Ari meltdown."

Oh how I remember those days!! Trust me it gets much easier IN WAYS later! enjoy your trip! ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

LOL, the only way i get peace is to go out later at night by myself, lol ..... sit down and eat ? whats that ! LOL......
I so feel ALL your pain ! LOL ....

Yeah, let me know how that grilled chicken thing goes, cuz let me tell ya, i have the chicken nugget/tender bandits over here and guess what they wont eat ? Yup ! Grilled chicken ! I hope you have better luck with that !

I hope you have a great Mothers Day girl, you deserve it ! I wish mine were going to be more relaxing, and to top it off i cant even drink a single cup of coffee tomorrow cuz my last sedation is Monday and there is no caffeine allowed 24 hours prior cuz it can interfere .... GRRRRRRR , Mothers day with NO coffee ?!?!?!

TTYL ! Have fun in Louisville !
Jenn :)