Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beach pictures!

Thought I'd try to get back into the whole blogging thing, best place to start is with pictures from Mothers Day weekend! We went to Myrtle Beach with some friends for the weekend, I am still on modified bedrest so the hubs did all the hard work wrangling the kiddo and I sat in my chair and took pictures! Matt feels really bad that I'm not in any of the pictures and promises to take some soon!

Ari is certainly a beach boy, he's not one bit apprehensive when the waves hit him. It's sort of scary actually, Matt said waves would knock him down and pull him out a little and he thought it was hilarious. We had his life jacket with us just in case but the water was pretty cold so after a few knock downs he didn't go so far in.

He kept running up to the other kids and asking them if they were going to "ride the water"... aka body surfing. It was too cute! He's really starting to become his own little person and he is so stinkin' smart it's incredible!

Anyway, that's a little glimpse of our weekend. It was a beautiful Mothers Day!

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Nicole said...

Morgan he is such a cutie! I can just picture him getting hit by the waves and thinking it was fun!