Friday, October 31, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

My friend Kim blog tagged me and since I have nothing better to write, here you go! Oh, even if I did have something better to write I'd still play along because these things are fun and I like my friend ;) So, here's how it goes... I tell you 7 things you may not know about me then I tag 7 people and link you to their blogs. They take it from there.

1. I don't like bananas. I love banana flavored things but actual bananas creep me out.
2. If I could live anywhere in the US it would probably be the New England coastal area. I love beaches and think it's gorgeous up there. I've sort of had enough of the south.
2. I'm really ready for another baby. We've been "trying" for 5 months to no avail and it's wearing on me. Ari came to us so easily which makes it even harder, plus I'm no good at waiting. All about instant gratification over here ;)
3. Like my friend Kim I think I have more online friends than real life friends. It's easier that way, I'm lazy!
4. I will probably have cereal for dinner tonight. I have a sick kid and he's sucking the brain power out of me, all I want to do is curl up and sleep but Mommies don't get sick days!
5. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I will be spending it alone on my couch. Ari is sick and Matt's at work. I don't even get any candy (insert pathetic whining now)...
6. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year, so much so that I'm done with my shopping! I can't wait to see Ari's reaction to the cool things Santa is bringing. I'm like a big ole' toddler at heart!
7. Man... I need to think of something good. My other "facts" are pretty lame... I'm fresh out though. If I think of something I'll come back, promise!

Now, I tag:

1. Christina
2. Virginia
3. Michelle
4. Jen and Amy (two for the price of one!!)
5. Deanna
6. Amanda
7. Jennifer

Well, the hubs is calling in between flights so I gotta run. Enjoy your halloween and cross your fingers that my little man gets over this double ear infection and cold pronto!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl !!
Happy Halloween :) So funny, we are polar opposites on number 1 . I ONLY like bananas and NOTHING banana flavored.
I always love reading facts about everyone, i just got tagged last week and had to do the same.
I love online friends too, im still fascinated how we all find each other.
Ok, im babbling cuz its late, but hope your little guy feels better soon :)

Ella & Michelle said...

Sorry to hear Ari is sick, esp. on Halloween! Did you take him to the doctor? I don't know 7 blog people to send my facts to. :(

Virginia said...

Hey girl! Loved that you tagged me- I will have to wait a while to do it since I was tagged with the same one about a week ago... gotta figure out some more quirks to share. I'm sure I've got 'em! LOL