Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Can you believe

How absolutely adorable our little boy is? I mean seriously, how cute is this?

I know I'm biased but you have to admit that's a pretty cute face. We went pumpkin picking today and had such a good time! We listened to a little old lady dressed like a pumpkin talk about everything pumpkin related. Of course Ari was more interested in jumping off the little patio we were on than listening to the story. In his defense she was pretty boring but what can you do?

After the story we went on the hayride. She drove all around the farm and played cheesy kids music, there were several older kids on the hayride with us and they were singing along. It was pretty cute! Ari loved it, so did the rest of our group. Our babysitter Kristen and her 2 year old Sage came with us along with my new friend Sandy, her daughter Lilly and little Joel whom she babysits for. Michelle and Ella were supposed to come but since Ari might have a cold they decided to stay away :( Here's all of them, Sage is the 'big' girl in the back, the one that looks like she could be Ari's twin!

After the hayride we played on the playground and picked out our pumpkins. I'm glad we went today because they only had about three dozen pumpkins left. Ari was interested in them for... oh, about two seconds. The rest of the time he wanted to go down the slide with Daddy and Joel!

I learned today, too, that getting 4 kids to sit still long enough for a picture is no easier this year than it was last year. Guess it will be a little while before I can expect that. Everyone had a great time though, there was this sheltered area full of loose straw that the kids had an absolute blast playing in. They were all throwing handfuls in the air and giggling. It was priceless!

All in all it was a pretty great day! There were a couple little meltdowns but that's to be expected! We got some really cute pumpkins which is great since we're having a pumpkin carving party Sunday! I have at least 10 people coming and everyone is super excited. I can't wait either, I absolutely love Fall!!!


Lisa said...

WOW - great pictures!! He IS pretty adorable!!

Anonymous said...

He is pretty darn cute :) These little boys of ours all have the cutest little faces and biggest blue eyes !! I love scrapping to bring out thier eyes :)
I need to go pumpkin picking with Nikolas soon, just waiting for things to settle so DH can stay home with the Non Pumpkin picker, lol .......
Jenn :)

Jen said...

Great pictures!!! What a cutie, looks like everyone had a great time!