Thursday, October 9, 2008


*Vacation is over, the hubs is officially back to the grind. While I do miss him I have to say it's nice to have the TV back ;)

*I am so totally enamored with my lil' guy. He's getting WAY too big and amazes me all day long.

*Had a blast showing a new friend all about scrapbooking today, I think I may have created an addict! It's always fun to be an enabler ;)

*Watched CSI and ER tonight, bawled like a freakin' baby and now my head hurts.

*It's very blustery here today, all foggy and moist but still warm. Strange.

*Had little man try on his Halloween costume today, he's totally afraid of it and screams if I try to put him in it.

*Busted out the autumn and Halloween decorations, the house is all yummy with decorations!

Well, I guess that's all for now. I have a list of errands to run tomorrow and I'm beat. I think I hear my bed calling me...

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