Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Windy Hill & some layouts

We finally found some gas for the car, it took about 4 days! We have enough to last another few days which is good since our area is still pretty much out of gas. The stations in our town, there are about 4, have been out for over a week and hopefully should get some tomorrow but who knows. They've been saying that for days but every pump still has a litle bag over it. Oh well, what can you do.

Anyway, since we had a full tank we decided to go apple picking yesterday. Silly me didn't even think to check the weather channel though and it was blazing hot. I'm talking over 80 at ten in the morning, way too hot for a fall activity. We got there and it turned out the tour we were supposed to take doesn't 'run' on Mondays so we just wandered around on our own. They had chickens and roosters out running around and Ari thought it was so fun to chase them. Matt was afraid he'd get pecked but I made him let Ari loose and it was too cute. Of course the chickens ran from him but he just ran right behind them. It was adorable. We took his wagon and I'm so glad we did because we walked quite a bit and he's not one to follow. He's much happier creating his own path and just takes off. It was fun but we didn't stay long since it was so stinkin' hot. Just as well, Ari fell asleep in the car on the way home. I did get some strawberry butter and pumpkin butter from the little stand that they had and oh boy is it delicious! I had some of the pumpkin butter on my pancakes this morning, yum!

So, all in all I'd go apple picking again but definately on a day when they have the tour and the weather is cooler.

Now, for some scrappy creations. It's the end of the month which means I can share my Crop Addict October layouts. This kit was so fun, crammed with KI Memories and Piggy Tales. I actually have a couple more things to make tonight but I thought I'd share what I already have done.

I have a few more thing to create tonight, like I mentioned before and I was lucky enough to work with a very generous manufacturer this month as well. I'll share those creations as soon as I'm given permission so stay tuned!

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Ella & Michelle said...

I love them!!! I really like Trouble and Sleepy Boy. I might have to use the idea of Sleepy Boy! I'm sorry you didn't get any apples or cider. They really were yummy. See you tomorrow :)