Friday, September 5, 2008

What's new?

I realize it's been way too long since I've put "real" pictures on the old blog. I know I put my scrap creations on here but I'm sure some of you don't come for the creative inspiration but to see Ari! Well, we really haven't done a whole lot lately but I'll share what I have!

Ari got a new play kitchen, he loves it. He makes coffee for Matt and pours it in his little cups. He even says "glug glug glug" when he pours, it's way too cute!

He has a major shoe fetish. He only seems interested in my shoes for whatever reason. When Dick and Sharon were here visiting last week we found him trapsing around in Sharon's glittery flip flops. I think "sparkle" is his color!

He is fascinated with the tree in our front yard. He likes to hug it and peek around it. A little tree hugger already ;)

We've also gone to a couple festivals, Matthews Alive and the Greek Festival in Charlotte yesterday. Ari is officially not a fan of carnival rides! I rode the carousel with him at Matthews Alive and he was stiff as a board the whole time. He didn't know what to think and as soon as we stopped he grabbed onto me and wouldn't let go! At the Greek Festival he rode a little spinny ride with Michelle and Ella and cried the whole time, he looked so scared. We put him and Ella on the baby ferris wheel and he didn't like that either. We're not going to torture him any more, he's just like his dad. Matt hates roller coasters too!

Today we are headed down to Florida to have dinner with Dad and Brian. It's been a couple months since Dad has seen Ari and Matt will be there for work tonight so it's a win win! We will be back tomorrow and hopefully Hanna will have passed us completely by the time we get home tomorrow. Wish us luck!


Nicole said...

Ari is such a cutie pie! Both of my kids hated the Merry Go Round. Took them years before they would go on one without a panic attack.

Anonymous said...

Ari is such a cutie !! Great pics, his little smile is the cutest !! Hope he isnt getting a cold , maybe just allergies, they seem to be bad this past week with the raging sinus headaches, no fun .....
Enjoy Hanna, lol .... we are getting alot of heavy rains here in NJ too .