Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oops, forgot one...

Somehow this layout didn't make it into my last post. It's another one that I created with my August kit from Crop Addict. I still need to do the journaling but it's about Ari's love for his blankie, teddy and paci!


Anonymous said...

Such a cutie !! I have a before and after of this totally repulsive thing Michael loves to carry around still that i need to scrap. he has like 5 new ones and wants no part of them, only the gross one !! And Nikolas 10 years later still loves and sleeps with his fuzzy teletubbies blanket .

They are all lookin' good ! Talk to ya soon girlie :)
Im buried in Twilight right now, hope to finish tonight , i never feel the need to read a whole book in one day till now !


Michon said...

Your baby is so stinkin cute Morgan! I wish i could have met up with you in Chicago. Debbie said he was just the sweetest little guy at dinner! :(