Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Few Creations...

The August kit at Crop Addict is now up, here's a look at what I was able to create with it.

and this super cute little mini album!

Can you beleive I made all that with just the one kit plus the kit add-on. I highly recommend the kit add-on this month... it's full of fun stickers and rub-on's and it's some of the cutest stuff I've seen! Be sure you head over and grab them both, they sell out every month so you don't want to wait!

There's not that much going on around here. Matt and Ari both came down with colds this week and I think I may be catching it too. This is the first cold Ari has ever had and he's not handling it too well. He's very cranky and clingy which is great for the cuddle meter but not so great for accomplishing anything else. The house is in shambles, sadly, and I have no hope of fixing any of it until Matt gets home from work late tonight.

Speaking of Ari, he just woke up from his nap so I must go. He's asking to watch Nemo yet again... **oh, real quick... he was watching Nemo this morning while I was cleaning up our breakfast. You know the part where Nemo swims out to touch the boat and gets captured? Well, Ari was very passionately yelling at Nemo, he said "Nemo, Nemo Not Nice Nemo Nemo, Nemo"... too cute!

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Ella & Michelle said...

LOVE the mini! It looks great.