Saturday, July 18, 2009

Introducing Oscar

Our gorgeous little boy is here! Oscar Henrik Wiebke was born Tuesday July 14th at 12:48pm! He is 7lbs 11oz and 20.5 inches of absolute perfection! We are SO happy that he is here and completely healthy, he is the perfect final addition to our little family!

These pictures were taken by my uber talented friend Becca Bond, she came out to the house yesterday for a little photo shoot. I knew the pictures would be good but I had no idea they would bring tears to my eyes! Crazy hormones or not, she is amazing!

So, back to Oscar. His birth story is quite the experience and a bit of a novel, I apologize in advance if this is very long but I want to get it all down so I don't forget!

Last Friday, about two hours after Matt left for work I started feeling some pretty strong contractions. Of course I'm home alone with Ari for 4 days so I called my doctor to ask what to look for. They said I needed to go straight to the hospital since I was still preterm by their dates. I called Matt, luckily he was on his way back to Charlotte from somewhere, and took Ari to my friend Jen's house. We get to the hospital and my contractions were 3-5 minutes apart! I was surprised, I didn't know they were that close. They kept me in bed, hooked up to the monitors FOREVER, I was SO hungry and my back hurt so bad. I was 2cm when I went in and when the Dr. checked me I was progressed to 3-4cm. They had me wait 2 hours and checked me again, there was no change so they sent me home (at 4am mind you, Matt and I were exhausted). I was so upset but too tired to care.

I felt terrible all weekend. Matt's parents came on Saturday since the doctor predicted I would deliver within the next 24-48 hours. We piddled around all weekend and by Sunday I was getting really frustrated. I actually mowed the backyard just to get out of the house. Don't worry, we have a small yard and I was supervised. Monday morning I woke up and told everyone I was going out for a bit. Cabin fever was setting in and I knew if I didn't get out I was not going to be much fun to be around. While I was out shopping, by myself of course, my contractions started up again so I came home and called the Dr. They told me to come in to be checked so Matt and I headed that way at about 3pm. We got to the doctor office and the doctor was SO mean. The practice I go to has 14 doctors and of course the one I really dislike was on duty that day. Anyway, she checked me and said there was no change but sent me to the hospital anyway since my contractions were pretty strong.

We get to the hospital, get settled in and sure enough my contractions were about 3 minutes apart! I walked and walked and walked... the doctor checked me and said I was 4cm but wouldn't break my water because the baby's head was still pretty high. He was worried that the cord would come out and I would need an emergency c-section. I was so upset, the same thing happened with Ari. I got stuck at 4cm because the fluid was keeping the baby from putting pressure on my cervix to change it. I thought for sure they were going to send me home again. I didn't want to take anything for the pain, I'm really anti-narcotic and very sensitive to any medicine but at about 11pm the nurse talked me into it. She said I needed to sleep and that the Demerol would "take the edge off". Yeah, right. I totally melted down. I started crying and couldn't stop, I felt like no one was listening to me and it was making me angry. Then I started getting sick. I was SO miserable. by now it's well after midnight and I was a wreck. After talking to two of my best friends on the phone I fell asleep. At about 4am I woke up with contractions again, 2 minutes apart and I still felt like crap so they gave me phenergan to take the nausea away. I was pretty out of it until 6am when the doctor came in and broke my water. Yeah, he totally came out of nowhere and broke it! Things got pretty crazy after that. I tried to sleep again but was in some pain so I walked a bit. Around 9 I asked for my epidural...

The epidural: Big mistake. Of course I didn't know that then but you'll see... The anesthesiologist came in and set everything up, I got all situated and she began. Oh my gosh I have never felt pain like that in my life. I swear she hit a nerve because I had the most intense sharp pain to the right of my spine that was excruciating. She had to have stuck me at least 6 times and kept adding numbing medicine so I could tolerate it. On about the 5th stick she said "Dad's going"... and all the sudden Matt fell straight back to the floor hitting his head SO hard. I will never get that sound out of my head but he was completely unconcious and having trouble breathing so my nurse had to call for immediate help. Of course I'm sitting with a giant needle in my back and unable to do anything but freak out and cry. Two nurses ran in and my nurse said they needed to bring a stretcher to take him to the ER, his head was bleeding and he was really out of it. It was terrible, they wheeled him away and I just sat there bawling like a baby. My epidural was in by then so I laid down and called Matt's parents to come right away. We were both alone and I was freaking out.

While Matt was in the ER they did a CT scan, and EKG, gave him IV fluids and a tetanus shot and ran blood work. Apparently his blood pressure plummeted while he was standing and he fell. It had nothing to do with the epidural but was probably related to stress and lack of sleep from this whole ordeal. Anyway, he made it back to my room in time for things to start happening.

When he got back I was fairly comfortable but not completely. My legs were completely numb but I could still feel the contractions. They were tolerable though and I was 6cm so I hung out. About an hour later (noon) my contractions came back full force. It was like someone turned off my epidural or something. I paged my nurse to check me, I didn't want to hit the button for more medicine if I was close. By then I was 8cm so I hit it thinking I had about 2 hours left. At 12:15 I pushed it again, the first dose did nothing and I was really hurting. At 12:30 I called my nurse again and she checked me again. I was "about 9.5cm"!!! I had just a little bit of cervix left and she said I should try to push once to see what happened. With the next contraction I pushed once and she told me to stop and called the doctor! Yay!!! The doctor came in and got all set up, I had to breathe through a few contractions but was instructed not to push until the doctor was completely ready. At 12:45 he was ready and with one push his head was out! The next little push delivered the rest of his body and he was officially born at 12:48pm!

It was amazing, he came out alert but not crying (just like his big brother). They let me hold him for several minutes before they took him to the warmer to clean him up. Matt and I were so thrilled, I can't believe he came so fast! His little face was really bruised from coming out so quickly but other than that he was completely perfect! He nursed really well right from the start and is still going strong! We take him to the pediatrician monday for a weight and jaundice check, I'm curious to see how much he's put on! Oh, and it looks like he doesn't have the same hip dysplasia that Ari had! We're probably going to meet with Ari's ortho for a consult and ultrasound to make sure but his hips look perfect right now!

The entire family is doing well. Matt feels fine, I feel the best I've felt in months and Ari is thrilled to be a big brother. He loves "baby Oscar" and constantly wants to hug and kiss him. He's amazing, we are all doing much better than I expected! Anyway, now that I've completely bored everyone to death I am going to bed. Little Man is grunting around, trying to eat his fist, so that's my cue! I will post more pictures later, Becca is going to send me more when she's done editing and I can't wait. If you're still here thank you, I'll talk to you all later!


Daisymeh said...

Wow! What an amazing birth story Morgan. Gorgeous photos too! Congrats!

Croppycatter said...

I wish your delivery would have been less stressful!! I was almost crying reading it. Glad it all worked out in the end!! :)

bruinbr said...

OMG! So scary, but what a gorgeous little guy! I'm sorry you (& Matt!) had to go through all that! CONGRATS & hugs!

Adam said...

Baby Oscar is Beautiful! What a blessing. It was great to see you this weekend- I can't wait to see you on Tuesday.

Christina said...

Congrats, Morgan!!! What an amazing story to tell him some day!! He is a very handsome little man!!

Beth said...

Congratulations on that sweet baby Oscar!! I'm glad you're feeling better finally & hopefully getting rest. Hopefully Matt is doing good too! Poor guy!

Haley said...

What a crazy story Morgan! Glad to hear all is well and that you guys are ok! :-)

Congrats! He is gorgeous!