Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow day!

Well, I have to admit... when the weather man said we were going to get a snowstorm I balked and was in complete denial. This is the fifth storm prediction this season and none so far have produced any snow worth measuring. This time they had it right though! About 6-7 last night the snow started hard and dumped several inches in about two hours. I waited up to watch it but finally gave up and went to bed hoping there would be some left in the morning for Ari to play in. He's never seen snow and I was excited to take him out in it.

Sure enough, I was woken up this morning by the squeals of laughter outside! My neighbor kids were outside at 7am building a massive snowman. I looked outside and it was beautiful! I bet we have about 4 inches of snow, by far the most we've ever had living here. I went to Ari's room and told him to look outside... he was so excited (and yes, he repeated that fact over and over!). He said "Play snowman outside mommy, play snowman" so we bundled up and headed out.

I think it took us 40 minutes to bundle up and we were outside for all of ten! Ari loved it at first but it was hard for him to walk and it was very wet. It had rained for two days before it turned to snow so the ground was completely saturated. Hit mittens wouldn't stay on and his little fingers were like icicles! We came inside when he was clearly not having fun and had a warm bath before breakfast. He's completely over it now, when he looks outside he says "cold mommy, all done snow". Guess it's really no shock that he is a warm weather beach baby. Speaking of beaches, he's been begging to go to the beach and play in the sand so I guess it's time for a visit to Grandpa J's house!

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Jen said...

super cute! and the 40 minutes of bundling is NOT an understatement!