Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yeah, I know.

I'm terrible at blogging but guess what... it's not just blogging that I'm terrible at lately. Let's just say that as of today, yes today, I am finally caught up on my laundry from Christmas. That's right, Christmas. Seems the baby growing business isn't as easy the second time 'round when you have a toddler to chase all over creation. Not to mention I've been in excrucaiting pain. Remember that car accident I was in a little over a year ago? I spent several weeks in physical therapy healing my lower back injury and was doing wonderful until little man in the tummy started growing. Turns out my injury has been re-aggrivated or whatever the term is and I'm right back where I started the day after I was smashed by two cars going 50 mph each. My only option is to see a chiropractor which has me all kinds of nervous. I do have one other option... narcotics, but that's not going to fly. #1 I don't want a drugged up Peanut and #2 I have to be able to function for my crazy Ari Bean and he and narcotics will not mesh well I'm sure.

Anyway, things are fine here other than what's been mentioned above. Ari is pretty good most of the time. He is two, I need to remember that but 6 days out of 7 he does act it. The good news is he is now sleeping in a "big boy" toddler bed and doing perfect! He goes right to sleep and only a handful of times has tried to sneek toys into bed after I've shut the door. I have eyes in the sky though (a video baby monitor) and he doesn't get away with much. Here he is chillin' in bed talking to Daddy on the phone. Adorable, I know.

I guess I can leave you with a picture of the new Little Man too. Yep, it's a boy. Not sure if I've shared that here yet but we're pretty happy. I'm slowly clearing out my scrap studio to convert it to a new nursery but like I said... very slowly. I ordered nursery bedding today, the set I wanted from Pottery Barn Kids went on sale and if you've ever shopped there you know that once things go on sale you have to act fast. I love it, it's plain and simple but so fun at the same time. I'll share pictures some time down the road but don't expect them any time soon... not being mean just being honest. I know I'm not the most punctual person lately. So, here's little man:

This was several weeks ago, we have another scan coming up and I can't wait! Nope, we don't have any names picked out yet. Picking a second name is really, really hard and we aren't even close to picking one yet. We have a while still though!

Hope you have a good weekend, I'm going to put Kiddo to bed then veg on my heating pad. It's my new nightly routine... Sudoku puzzles in bed with my heating pad on as high as it will go. Fun, huh!


bruinbr said...

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling so great, but congrats on the new little guy!!! I'm about 3 weeks out now and getting mighty uncomfy myself! :P Hang in there!

Michon said...

I hope things get better for you Morgan! Congrats on Ari and the big boy bed. Love the picture of his little brother. Man, those things are getting better every year! You can really "see" what is going on there.

Chrissy Le said...

Congrats Morgan!!!! It's been a long time since we chatted. I hope you are doing well!