Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's been a while~ Sorry. It's been a crazy week or so! First of all, I should show you my December Crop Addict creations. The kit was perfect for me this month. Half the papers were Christmas theme and the other half were white/blue/green and of course as soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for Ari's birthday pictures. His birthday is just a couple days after Christmas so I make sure to really seperate them. Anyway, here you go...

Oh, uh... yeah. That last one is mine, the test that is. We've been trying for several months now and had a little setback a few months ago. This one seems good though, I've been to the Dr. and everything looks fine. We will welcome a new little one next summer and couldn't be more thrilled. I feel great so far, just completely wiped out lately. I cleaned Ari's room today and we moved some furniture (Matt did the heavy stuff) and I had to take a nap after. Pathetic. I'm already chubby too which is slightly annoying but as my mother in law said, she doesn't really feel bad for me when my fat pants are a size 4. Hehe... whoops. I've heard your belly grows quicker with the second one too!

Other than the baby stuff we've been getting ready for Christmas. We cut our tree down this past week. I have yet to decorate it but plan to at least put the lights on tonight after Bean is in bed. It's next to impossible to do anything with him awake and I've been wanting to sleep while he's asleep lately so nothing is getting done 'round here. Oh well, we're the only ones that notice so it's no biggie. Hopefully I'll have it decorated before Santa arrives!

Well, it's time to put the kid to bed so I'm off. Enjoy your week if I don't make it back and cross your fingers that I don't get any visits from the morning sickness fairy!


Deanna said...

Congrats Morgan!! So happy for you, Matt, and Ari! What a great early Christmas present! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Girly, i hope your morning sickness goes away soon, again im soooooooo excited for you guys :) And i love the layouts :) The foil thickers are one of my new faves , second to puffy i think. Talk to you real sooooooon :)

Jenn :)